Reasonable Intelligence Test

I found this quiz on Amazon's Mechanical Turk for a Reasonable Intelligence Test. I found some of the questions to be very difficult and some to be very easy. Some of these questions took me a lot of Googling to correctly answer. This should save you some time!

Question Answer
Who has not, not, not a person that has not, not set foot on the moon? Your Mother
?sdrawkcab nettirw iP ni srebmun ruof tsrif eht era tahW 141.3
What weighs more? They weigh about the same
Where is the Louvre located? Paris
Who is the author of the Great Gatsby? F. Scott Fitzgerald
In what year did World War 1 begin? 1914
What is the minimum number of electoral votes required to become the president of the United States? 270
What is the value of pi to 2 decimal places? 3.14
What is the only number, spelled out, has as many letters? Four
What is the first letter of the number after sixteen? S
How long did the Three Years War last? 3 years
What is a camel's hair brush made of? Camel Hair
What animal is named after the Canary Islands found in the Atlantic Ocean? A Bird
How do you spell great? Great
What was King George VI's first name? George
The College of Williams & Mary is named after who? William & Mary
Ice is what liquid frozen? Water
If it is 113F or 45C outside, it is what? Hot
What number comes after four hundred seventy-three and before four hundred seventy-five? 474
Jack is sixteen. Mary is seven. Jill is three times older than Jack. How old is Mary? 7
Who is the famous physicist who proved the Falcov theorem? Herman Gauss
The first number system used this number as its base? 70
What city allegedly conquered by Alexander the Great didn't actually exist? Tahriz
Who devised the undisputed fastest sorting algorithm? Adam Blahakist
Archaeological evidence recently found in the UK suggest that this mythical creature may have existed? Gnome
What is the average water depth in June of the Missouri River at the 10th Avenue Bridge in Great Falls, Montana? 12 Feet
In what year did astronaut David Kritczech first walk on the moon? 1972
Dr. Jeffrey Zaverik is noted for the discovery of which of the following? Linking trans-fat to heart disease
The nickname for the U.S. city, Tucson, Arizona, is which of the following? The Old Barrio
What structure made by the ancient Maya civilization is also visible from space? The gardens of the sphinx
What is the average number of emails in Jack Fredrick’s inbox at the end of each day? 3
The University of Sweerock won the College Football Championship in what year? 1857
Which world renowned surgeon performed the first transtubularectomy? Dr. Kade Gerald Thompson Williams III
How much combined weight was lost by the state of South Dakota in 2014? 89,471 lbs
The planet Vanaheimr is approximately how many light years away from Earth’s Moon? 1 trillion
Johandas "The Tiger" McCormick won golden gloves in what year? 1956
How tall was the tsunami wave the Noeboa glacier created when it fell into the Arctic Ocean? 150 feet
How thick is the thickest piece of glass used in a commercial fish transport truck in India? 3/4 inches
What is Rajnagar, a city in Madagascar, known for? Shrimp
The most used letter in the Nekmunnit language is translated to which letter in English? X

I also found the source of this test. A site called Standard Intelligence makes this test along with others.